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Below you will find some information about Terri's novels, both traditionally and self-published. If you are looking for shorter works, contributions, and single-authored collections, please visit the Anthologies and Collections page

You'll find a full list of novels, in order, here at Books Radar

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The Oaklands Manor Trilogy

Friendship, family, future... Nothing is ever truly safe.

Three young women from different backgrounds, finding their way in a rapidly-changing world:

Lizzy - discovering that love and fear often go hand in hand. When fate delivers her into the loving arms of a killer she must decide where her trust really lies.

Evie - learning that, no matter how hard you try, you can't save everyone you love. Born into wealth and intrigue, her choices will take her into grave danger as an ambulance driver at the front lines in 1914.

Kitty - growing up too quickly, and searching for courage and family a long way from home. When a face from someone else's past threatens her hard-won peace, she must fight for all she has left.

The Lynher Mill Chronicles

Unquiet Dawn ebook cover.png

When folklore and the modern world collide, who's to say which is the myth?

High on the Cornish moors lies the historic village of Lynher Mill, site of both atrocities and heroism in days gone by. Today’s inhabitants raise monuments and visitor-centres in awed memory of those far-off days, grateful they live in an era of peace and plenty.

But the granite-strewn moorland is bristling with secrets and treachery; below ground, ancient beings plot against one another to fulfil a curse delivered by their dying king.


And so, while mortals walk above their heads and dream of long-ago battles, the Moorlanders arm themselves with courage and with hardened hearts, for the real fight is about to begin.


Maid of Oaklands Manor: 

paperback; e-book; large print hardback; unabridged audio

Evie's Choice (formerly A Rose in Flanders Fields):

e-book; large print hardback; unabridged audio 

Kitty's War (formerly Daughter of Dark River Farm):

e-book; large print hardback; unabridged audio 


The Dust of Ancients: 

paperback; e-book 

The Lightning and the Blade:

paperback; e-book 

The Battle of Lynher Mill:

paperback; e-book

The Unquiet Dawn:

paperback; e-book

The Fox Bay Saga

A Cornish Inheritance.jpg
ACP snip.JPG

Helen and Harry Fox: H&H, the Heavenly Twins; the toast of the Bristol set in the years immediately following the Great War. Their parties are legendary, their children headstrong but charming, their love unbreakable.

But when tragedy strikes, a new life must begin. And it must be protected... easier said than done when the past doesn't know its place, and friendships aren't what they seem


A Cornish Inheritance

paperback; e-book; unabridged audio; large print (soft cover)

A Cornish Promise

paperback; e-book; unabridged audio; large print (soft cover)

A Cornish Homecoming

paperback; e-book; unabridged audio; large print (soft cover) 


Mists - cover.jpg
Watchers Cover.jpg

A spin-off from the popular Fox Bay series, Pencarrack features a new village on the outskirts of Caernoweth, on the wide expanse of Pencarrack Moor. Nearby is the flying school which trains both military and civilian pilots, and across the moor, the South Pencarrack China Clay pit is advancing and bringing its own conflicts and drama to the community.


The Secrets of Pencarrack Moor

paperback; e-book; unabridged audio; large print (soft cover) 

The Mists of Pencarrack Moor

Paperback; e-book; unabridged audio; large print (soft cover)

The Watchers of Pencarrack Moor

Publication date for all formats: 05 December 2024

The Penhaligon Saga

Penhaligon's             Gift

Sometimes nature is your enemy. 

Sometimes you have to look closer to home...


Small towns will always have their secrets, and Caernoweth, a mining community on the west coast of Cornwall, is no different.

But when those secrets are brought into the light of day, the inhabitants of Caernoweth are set to discover the dark and deadly origins on their town. And

there are those who will do whatever it takes to preserve their family's good name... 

When a stranger moves among them, the townspeople find themselves divided, and those who champion her discover that, not only can a smile hide a hundred lies, but that those who trust the most deeply, risk being the most hurt.

Two very different families, inextricably linked without even knowing it, will soon discover what it means to rely on someone for more than income and goodwill. 


Penhaligon's Attic: 

paperback; e-book; large print hardback; unabridged audio

Penhaligon's Pride:

paperback; e-book; unabridged audio; large print hardback  

Penhaligon's Gift:

paperback; e-book  Audio and large print hardback 

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