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Writing Services

This page is perfect for you if you're:

looking for a friendly, competent, competitively-priced editor or writing mentor, one who can help YOU to polish your novel or short story until it shines


 planning to self-publish, and need help with formatting and proof reading, and / or getting your book onto Amazon 


struggling with writing official-sounding e-mails and letters, and with getting your point across while maintaining a professional, no-nonsense tone


in need of a neat, concise personal statement for your CV or college application


looking for someone to proof read a document, blog post, essay or letter, to a high standard and with or without editorial suggestions

Please note: due to workload I am currently not accepting novel-length commissions. I hope to re-open to full edits and reports soon.

If you have reached this section without going through my home pages, and you’re thinking of contacting me to do some work for you, you’ll naturally want to know my credentials:

I am a multi-published author, both traditional and self-published, and a freelance developmental editor with a major literary consultancy. My books are published with two of the so-called “big five” publishers, and are available in Waterstones, WHSmiths, and other book shops, as well as Amazon.


(Click/tap here to see some of the testimonials people have been kind enough to send my way.)


Each service I offer is going to be different, tailored to your exact needs, and will be a process of communication and understanding on both sides. For this reason the price will be agreed between us once we’re in a discussion about what you’d like from me. I will provide you with the current industry rate for the service you require, and we can discuss reductions.

For novels: I will edit a short sample of your work (ten double-spaced pages, or your first chapter) free of charge, so we can see if we’re a good match. We can then agree a price, at which point you can still back out if you aren’t happy.

Synopsis: I will write one for you free, if you choose a full novel appraisal and edit.


We might decide we’re not a good fit for one another, and if that turns out to be the case I will do my best to put you in touch with another editor who might suit you better.


If you have any questions, please do get in touch! Remember you can also engage with me on social media using the links below.

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Some of the writers I have worked with:

 As a beginner you write your first novel and then the real hard work begins. A colleague suggested I get an unbiased opinion from an experienced editor rather than keep relying on family and friends.
    I got very lucky; someone recommended Terri Nixon. She’s given me an appraisal and spurred me on, which is exactly what I needed at just the right point.
      Gratitude and great respect!  - Larry Lamb

"Terri was the perfect mentor. Her insightful guidance, clearly and succinctly explained, was just what was needed to improve my novel. With such helpful advice, I have been able to apply the suggestions throughout my manuscript and feel far more confident with the results."   Andrea Emblin

... a thorough and thoughtful reader, with a gift for explaining details in a manner that is both concise and easy to act upon. At every stage I have felt informed and able to keep in contact... Every enquiry has been promptly and professionally handled, and I would recommend her work to any potential clients.  - Gary Riddell, Thieves of Fire.

Terri's feedback has been invaluable.  - Craig Knight.

Terri semi-ghosted my work, giving it depth, atmosphere and a much improved narrative. That book is now published with amazing reviews. 

During the stressful time of editing and publishing, Terri was right there along with me, guiding and encouraging me. 

Terri is so versatile that I believe she could write in any genre she wanted -  

Shelley Clarke, author of Children of Sinai 

 Your comments have been so valuable, everything you said made perfect sense to me and gave me the opportunity to think about the work from a different angle, I think it's really sharpened everything up. It's exciting! – Piran Cooper


So if you want to get excited about your project again, or just want a fresh pair of eyes on it and a quick beta-read, drop me a line, or nudge me on social media, and let's chat!


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